11 946 people have used JIC services in 2018. And how did we support them?

“To save the world. Just take risks, start a business.”

Nassim Taleb


We are a public organization and mission-driven brand of public service oriented on effective reaching of goals. We take the new roads and we are not afraid to go first. We have known for 16 years that entrepreneurship makes sense. For us the sense means success multiplied by joy. We are aware that one big change takes a lot of small steps. This is our strength and big support. We support entrepreneurs and we interculturally connect and share initiatives reflecting the values and key competences of our organization.

Our mission is to support people in development of business that can change the world. And what drives our 73 employees in their work? We see JIC as a part of an open innovations ecosystem, which is the home of globally successful businessmen and inspires the world.


We believe in positive change of society, which we spread further through entrepreneurs. In 2018 we became involved in the solution of global challenges called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We endorse in particular to 4 objectives: drinking water and sewerage, available and clean energy, responsible production and consumption, equality of men and women.


At the autumn GreenTech Bootcamp, 17 enthusiastic businessmen were inspired to do business in the area of sustainable energetics, water management and responsible consumption.


In 2018 our steps have been reported by the media 438 times in total.


We prepare client services in the area of circular economics.

We selected clean energy suppliers in a public tender. Within JIC operation we actively endorse green office principles, we use water savers and we support environment-saving mobility.

We use our financial resources responsibly and reasonably, which is attested also by the undertaken audit.

We owe many thanks to our founders.

Business in JIC tastes good in all stages of development

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”


Student entrepreneurship

Come and do something. Become the creator of your life.

Thanks to entrepreneurship, students of high schools and universities can be the creators of their lives. In 2018 we managed to schedule a class called “From thought to business” to education program at the Masaryk University. Along with other partners we started the project KaPoDaV – Support of carrier counseling, entrepreneurship for sustainable development and further education in the South Moravian Region.

In 2018 the newly established activity of JIC allowed 616 students to experience entrepreneurship.


“One big change is a series of small steps.”

Jean Giono

Would be entrepreneurs

We follow you to the unknown and we support you on the way.

To applicants who wish to do business we show the way from different perspectives. Together we consult the possible solutions and provide meaningful support. With the aid of experienced coaches and mentors we help define the customers, target market, business strategy and we set-up the financial side of the project. Thus we increase the chance of starting companies to succeed on the market.

In 2018 we have shown the way to own business to 830 people interested in entrepreneurship via the classes #chcipodnikat (I want to do business), lectures #inspirace (Inspiration) and regular education events StartupClub and BusinessClub. 99 enterprising applicants applied to the program for beginning entrepreneurs JIC ENTER and 17 of those successfully completed it.


“… this planet’s resources are limited and if we drain them faster than they are able to renew, we will not end well…the only possibility is to change something in the spiritual sphere, in the area of human consciousness.”

Václav Havel

Experience of JIC ENTER client

ConWe is a VUT University spin-off engaged in design and realization of natural wastewater treatment plants for municipalities and houses. They use a unique technology that turns the drain water to process water and at the same time it does not generate any carbon footprint, whereby it minimizes the negative impact on ecology, while fighting the ever present lack of water supply.

ConWe s.r.o.

„Cooperation with JIC consultants has opened our eyes. The opening consultations helped us with the initial decision, whether to set up the spin-of at all. We have been shown how to make the right decisions, how to work in a team and how to avoid mistakes within the frame of beginning business activity. In the course of the JIC ENTER program we founded the company and still before the end of the program we had our first customers.”

Michal Kriška Dunajský, Executive Director

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Together we go under the surface. We seek the cause of the problem and its solution.

We support well-established companies with potential to grow, we help them connect to important resources and we seek expansion opportunities to abroad. Experienced JIC experts identify the room for company innovations and propose meaningful changes in business of companies, which in turn they together put into practice.

JIC experts made consultations with clients in full 317 days.


167 owners and CEOs of companies form the JIC+ community, they share their business experience and support positive entrepreneurship atmosphere.


Through 4 networking events “JIC 120” in 2018 we successfully established 117 new instances of company cooperation.


Thanks to the SME Instrument program and other grant opportunities of JIC, a total of 7 companies acquired grants in the overall value of 7 million EUR in 2018.


With the aid of 84 JIC experts we supported 86 companies thanks to the JIC MASTER program designated for startups and small enterprises and the JIC PLATINN program, which is used by already established companies.


The overall revenue of live companies that have undertaken any of the JIC programs totaled to 46.5 billion CZK in 2018.


Experience of JIC MASTER client

ALIS Tech develops a complex system based on wireless radio technology for localization and monitoring of persons, goods and handling equipment and at the same time develops an anti-collision system. Its infrastructure for localization allows upgrading the system to measure physical quantities such as temperature, humidity and level of selected gasses.

ALIS Tech s.r.o.

“JIC MASTER program has completely changed our way of thinking. We could look at our products from a different perspective and gained a top view over the market. Along with the consultants we discussed the value, which we offer to our customers, and gradually we moved from sale of individual devices to providing a complex service.” 

Antonín Michl, Executive Director

Experience of JIC PLATINN client

Bamboolik is the manufacturer of modern cloth diapers and ecological household needs. It merges the modern world with traditional approach and raises public awareness in the area of healthy diaper changing, ecological household and waste minimization.


„We have been cooperating with JIC for three years and we definitely intend to carry on with it. Within the frame of JIC PLATINN program we can discuss our decisions with an independent consultant, thanks to the JIC+ community we are connected to other entrepreneurs, with whom we share our experience and know-how, and last, but not least, we can constantly keep educating ourselves at lectures and seminars organized by JIC.”

Zuzana Hloušková, company owner

“We all stand on the stage of the great world, and whatever happens here concerns us all.”

Jan Ámos Komenský

Innovation ecosystem

We coordinate and implement meaningful projects. We support education. We map territories and create new connections. We introduce our region as an attractive place for innovative and startup businesses, research and development under the brand #brnoregion.

Regional innovation strategy of South Moravian Region (RIS JMK) is a plan that increases the competitiveness of the region in the long term. JIC operates as its main coordinator and moreover, with its projects it fulfills some of its objectives.

Thanks to RIS JMK, 16 new projects were successfully started in 2018, which can change the world.


JIC actively participates in the following international networks:

JIC empowers the following subsidiaries and projects:

JIC VENTURES – JIC subsidiary that supports through investments the development of certified participants of JIC programs

INTEMAC – JIC subsidiary and research center in Kuřim that provides its services to engineering companies and belongs among the leading Czech developers and implementers of Industry 4.0.

FabLab Brno – open digital workshop for everyone who wishes to materialize their idea with the help of cutting-edge technologies or in traditional machine workshop.

FabLab Experience – a truck full of digital production machines that drives around schools in the South Moravian Region and educates students in technical disciplines. It first took off in February 2019.

Kreativní vouchery Brno – financial support of the Brno Municipality for companies of the South Moravian region, which thanks to cooperation with creative staff can improve their product or service and thus increase their competitiveness.

ESA BIC Brno – program of the European Space Agency focused on the development of starting companies that use space-grade technology or systems for commercial applications on Earth.

In 2018, 2 companies were supported thanks to the ESA BIC Brno program.


In 2018, 43 companies acquired creative vouchers in the overall value of 4 million CZK.


Story of a client of the pilot run of ESA BIC Brno

At the beginning there was a dream to use data from space and two excited postgrad students. The European Union pulled the right strings at the right time, the support program JIC ENTER pitched in and thanks to that the Brno company World from Space helps municipalities, regions and companies to deal with local problems with satellite images from the Sentinel satellite of the European program Copernicus.

World from Space s.r.o.

“At the very beginning of our business there was an idea of meaningful entrepreneurship. We have already been engaged in climate change and so our goal was not only to generate profit, but above all to help the society prepare for the changes already in progress. Our admission to the JIC program gave us new drive and made us work on the idea full time and systematically. We are currently starting additional cooperation with JIC consultants in the ESA BIC Brno program and we are looking forward to further development.”

Jan Labohý, company co-founder

A real change can only be made by small, yet bold changes in our own life and business.

The thing that really makes sense is to contribute to a positive change of the society through empowerment of entrepreneurs and to tackle global challenges.

We believe that only by finding genuine meaning in your actions you can be successful in business and simultaneously enjoy life.